July 24 2014 Work Unit Leaders Meeting




Unit Leaders Workshop

Location (at NYU): 2 MetroTech Center, Room 820 Location


WORK UNIT PRESENTATIONS – Part 1 10:10 – 12:40pm
1.1 Assessment of Base Plans
Bud Griffis, Henry Bokuniewicz

1.2 Storm Simulations and Evacuation
Dilruba Ozmen-Ertekin, Brian Colle

1.3 Enhancements to Long-Lead Forecasting of Extreme Events
David Holland, Edmund K.M. Chang

1.4 Rapid Warning System Enhancements
Keith Tidball, Brian Colle

Visualization Simulation

Group Discussion 11:25-11:40am

2.1 Flooding Impacts on Transportation
Masoud Ghandehari, Christopher Gobler

2.2 Flooding Impacts on Electric Power Systems
Francisco de Leon (PNG), Guodong Sun

2.3 Flooding Impacts on Wastewater Infrastructure
Bob Vasiliadis, Larry Swanson

2.4 Flooding Impacts on Drinking Water Systems
Rae Zimmerman, Henry Bokuniewicz

2.5 Storm Impacts on Coastal Ecosystem and Fisheries
Christopher Gobler

Group Discussion 1:55-2:10pm

3.1 Prioritization of Storm Hazards and Vulnerabilities to Critical Facilities
Larry Swanson

3.3 Assessment of Economic Vulnerabilities and Investment Strategies Targeting Flood-prone Communities
Judd Schechtman, Larry Swanson

3.4 Resilience Metrics for Infrastructure Investments
Constantine Kontokosta, Guodong Sun

Group Discussion 3:10-3:25pm

4.1 Improved Evacuation Zone Modeling
Dilruba Ozmen-Ertekin, Minghua Zhang

4.2 Integration of Multiple Monitoring Systems Targeting Coastal Zones
Rae Zimmerman, Christopher Gobler

Group Discussion 4:05-4:15pm

ACTION ITEMS 4:15 – 4:30pm