Topic 1: Rapid Response

1.1    Assessment of Base Plans

1.2    Storm Simulations and Evacuation

1.3    Enhancements to Long Term Forecasting

1.4    Rapid Warning System Enhancement

Topic 2: Assessment of Cascading Dynamics – Interdependence of Infrastructure, Water Bodies, and Ecosystems  

2.1    Flooding Impacts on Transportation

2.2    Flooding Impacts on Electric Power Systems

2.3    Flooding Impacts on Wastewater Infrastructure

2.4    Flooding Impacts on Drinking Water Systems

2.5    Storm Impact on Coastal Ecosystem and Fisheries

Topic 3:Vulnerability Assessment and Resiliency – Investment Strategies  

3.1    Prioritization of Storm Hazards and Critical Facility Vulnerabilities

3.2 Assessment of Community Reconstruction Zones (not executed)

3.3    Assessment of Economic Vulnerability and Investment Strategies Targeting Coastal and Inland Flood-prone Communities

3.4    Resilience Metrics for Infrastructure Investments

Topic 4: Evacuation under Climate Change

4.1     Improved Evacuation Zone Modeling

4.2     Integration of Multiple Monitoring Systems Targeting Coastal Zones 

​    Recent results and the names of the investigators associated with each project are here.​