Rapid Response Planning

  • 1.1 Assessment of base plans, evacuation zones, response capabilities and gaps.Review of literature and synthesis of current base plans and evacuation zones. Identification and classification of the subset of 932 NY towns contiguous to the 11 designated coastal waterways and 78 designated inland waterways to complement what DOS and NYSERDA currently have. Determine recent history and frequency of storm events. Explain current flooding risks. Assessment of the response capabilities, critical flood protection infrastructure. Identification of gaps.
  • 1.2 Rapid warning system enhancements.Synthesis of current storm flood warning practices and forecast systems. Demonstration product of an improved warning system for coastal and inland flooding in NYS.
  • 1.3 Scenario-driven real-time information based storm evacuation plan.Prediction and simulation of storm surge levels along the open coasts of New York at municipality scales for Sandy, Irene, and upcoming storm events under different scenarios of storm timing and trajectories. Evaluation of evacuation plans and communication to state agencies.
  • 1.4 Enhancements to long-lead forecasting of extreme events.Synthesis of forecasting products from multiple sources, including NOAA and other entities.  Probabilistic prediction of Nor’easters and landfall hurricanes affecting NYS with lead time of one month to a season.